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Thread: My father has diabetes related kidney disease, could PB help?

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    Hi, I'd like to share a little bit. In people with diabetes, excessive consumption of protein may be harmful. Experts recommend that people with kidney disease of diabetes consume the recommended dietary allowance for protein, but avoid high-protein diets. For people with greatly reduced kidney function, a diet containing reduced amounts of protein may help delay the onset of kidney failure. Anyone following a reduced-protein diet should work with a dietitian to ensure adequate nutrition.Adult diapers provide an effective way to manage bladder/kidney problems without worrying about wetting yourself. It’s better to wear an adult diaper than to stay home simply because you’re afraid to be away from the toilet. Don’t let your bladder/kidney problems keep you from enjoying your life
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    Grains sugar and margarine shouldn't be in anybody's diet, you can always integrate missing calories going for coconut oil or other good fat sources.
    If doctors restricted his veggies than his potassium levels are already dangerous, otherwise it wouldn't make any sense to make such a choice.
    Kidney disease -with or without diabetes- is a bad travel companion, but going LCHF could be a good thing when it comes to retain health and keep body mass, you really want in any case to have healthy bones and a good deal of lean mass if dialysis is coming to visit. Your goals should be to keep blood pressure down (any possible cause of this failure process? Mine was "unknown" but in time an urodynamic study found a tiny leak in the ureters valves and it looks like that opened the door to a bad subclinical e. coli infection due to a missing protective protein in my system), his sugar always in check (you never know) and his body in the best shape possible.
    For those facing kidney problems yourselves or in your families I wish you all the best, it's frustrating, stressing, it would have been better to be healthy BUT therapies are improving day after day and is important to know it is not a death sentence but a situation which needs little managing and help -and tones of patience and love, that really counts too.


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