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Thread: Things you do and take for granted

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    Things you do and take for granted

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    OK so today i have a friend who has broken out in hives and thinks it is Grains <gasp> I told her to cut them out, she knows better as she has been around me for over a year.

    It occours to me that i have been so disciplined abotu what i do that if i notice soemthing hurts me i turn on a dime and banish it from my diet.

    I take my ability to adapt to new situations for granted

    what do you take for granted?
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    My ability to withstand ultracold temperatures. Canadian winters are spent in shorts and a t-shirt.
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    Absolutely nothing. Three and a half years ago I got severely ill. Housebound, had to move back in with my parents because I physically couldn't take care of myself level of illness. I'm still trying to regain some of the physical and mental abilities I lost. I take nothing for granted, because I know that anything and everything could be taken away.

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