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    Cold beverages with a pick me up

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    I知 on day 9, feeling great so far but still have a ways to go until I am fully primal. I am looking for some type of a cold drink for that afternoon pick-me-up while I知 at work, around 2-3pm I could just pass out at my desk (I feel like those 5 hour energy commercials, haha). Currently I reach for a sugar free energy drink, which I am hoping to phase out here pretty quickly. I only take a drink when I need them, usually when I知 stuck in my cube all day, its not a daily habit.

    I am ideally looking for a cold drink, doesn稚 have to be sweet, in fact I think that痴 the point.

    I知 not a huge coffee drinker, especially in the summer, only 1 cup in the morning to get me moving (black).

    Ideally I think I won't need a pick-me-up at all, but while I get adjusted to a primal diet, I need something to keep me productive at work.

    Any ideas?


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    I haven't given up my Sugar-Free Energy Drinks yet, and love Diet Rockstar and Lo-Carb Monster. I may be in the minority, but I really like the taste of both of them and like the tingle at the back of my throat.

    Having said that, I am also gravitating more to sparkling waters, my favorite being Topo Chico, because it's very highly carbonated (which I know is probably not good either, but they are in glass bottles that chill very cold and are very refreshing.) When it's over 100 degrees outside, nothing is better!

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    Iced Black Tea.

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    I like unsweetened chai tea. Haven't tried it iced but I might if it gets really hot.
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    iced tea is great, Make it yourself, you could even add a dash of stevia to sweeten it up a bit. maybe some lemon. Try different flavors as well as black. Iced peppermint is great too.

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    head to a nearby healthfood store and pick up a bottle of chilled kombucha flavored with ginger. i would buy it every day if i could.

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    Iced mint-tea, so tasty, no sugar needed.

    Munch on a very cold cucumber, just a few bites are seriously more refreshing than water, soda, or ice cream.
    Munch on frozen berries. Or mix frozen berries with coconut milk, blend, or eat with a spoon.

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    Tea is great but I also love the Metro water (no sugars or sweeteners either!). It comes in mint, orange, lemon etc. They are so refreshing and pick you up pretty well!! When I dont have those though, I use Young Living oils (peppermint, lemon or orange) couple of drops in the ice cold water and WOW!! Yes oil and water may not mix but they do the job for this. Be mindful of the oil you use though. These young living are food grade (edible) and about as pure as you can get. They have done their research and have a great product. You can get them on Amazon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoyoteVick View Post
    KOMBUCHA! Yum!
    +1 or KeVita fermented coconut water!
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