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Thread: Are Bean Sprouts Considered Legumes / Are they Paleo?

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    Are Bean Sprouts Considered Legumes / Are they Paleo?

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    Some supermarkets here sell bean sprouts for stir-frying. Some are mung bean sprouts for stir-frying as a Chinese vegetable. Are they still considered legumes, even though they are germinated? They contain very little carbohydrate and starch when being used as a side dish for your steak.

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    I'm pretty sure that sprouts are more greens than seed or legume, but I don't really know, I guess.

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    I wonder if they'd be in same boat as wheatgrass...I wouldn't worry about them personally (although they are not a favorite of mine so I don't go out of my way to eat them. )
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    They feature in the PB recipe book, which looks to me like an endorsement....

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