Dear Mark,

My question regards loosing weight, well too much weight too fast to be specific. I began CrossFit 3 months ago and they recommended The Primal Blueprint lifestyle which I immediately conformed too, and have to say feel great because of it. I began my journey at 230lbs, I have a 5'8" frame and have always been one of the "stronger" ones in any physical activity that I've done. The question I have is how much is too much? I've been steadily loosing about 10lbs a month now putting me just under 195lbs in 3-3.5 months (that's 35lbs! . This amount of weight lost in that short amount of time concerns me for my overall health, even though I feel great 80-90% of the time, have tons more energy, sleeping better, and have been calmer with daily life. What is your input on "How much is too much?"