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    Negative pregnancy tests ftw.

    thought you mind find this amusing...


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    I nearly just choke/snorted my coffee... in a good way.
    Actually I did choke/snort it just a little... just not so much that it was painful or ended up in my lap.
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    I love that pregnancy test!

    Awesome that you got your ring! So many people are getting married now. Love it!

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    Sorry the photos are kinda big. Photobucket changed things and I haven't figured out where all the settings are yet.

    (can't believe this happy engaged face)

    Detail! 1930s Art Deco, vintage! 18k white gold. Don't remember or care about the carats.

    Friday night, I talked to Boyfriend and we were both comfortable with not waiting very long for engagement. Life is too short, too precious. We picked up the ring and I decided to leave it on his terms. I was fiddling with the bone broth in the crock pot when he came up from behind me and asked, "So, do you think this is too big?" Of course, he's holding the ring box. I said, "Hmmm I'm not sure, let's see." He put it on my finger and we both pretty much just stood there, giggling and speechless. Finally, he says, "Oh, do you want me to ask?" I nod, yes, and he asks if I'll marry him.

    You can guess from my smile and the photos what my answer was.

    The rest of the day was just focused on us being relaxed and having fun. We ordered out wings again (SO GOOD, and waffle fries mmmmmm), got a custom Coldstone's mix (sweet cream ice cream, with chocolate shavings, Heath bar, and chocolate peanut butter cups), and caught up on Castle. He had the day off from work, so it was great to just spend a day together. We can do a big celebration of dinner out, just the two of us, later on.

    In the evening, his brother came over and we got drunk and had a really good time. His brother thinks I'm awesome, which makes me happy. I'm psyched to have him as my future brother in law. We're going over to show the ring to his family in a little while. I showed my parents and they seemed very happy for me. My mom said we could do a formal engagement party with the families together, if we want, and figure out the rest of the details once Fiancé (!!!!!) and I pick a date range. I need to call Baba today and share the news .

    A few pictures and a little write-up are on the blog. Keeping it simple. PM if you want my blog URL.
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    Congrats Gorgeous ring!! LOVE vintage! Have a happy, happy life together!!!

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    You guys are perfect for each other. Congratulations!

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    Great looking ring!

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    Awwww!! I love his proposal. Then again, I'm partial to proposals like that.
    I love the way the ring looks and looks on you, too!
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    I love the pic of the two of you! haha too funny. Beautiful ring and perfect proposal. I wish you both the best that life has to bring.
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    Lovely! Big smiles from me to the both of you. Congrats!

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