I have been using a Sunrise System 100 (UK) dawn simulator to help regulate my sleep cycle (along with low blue lights glasses which I learnt about on this forum). The SRS 100 has developed issues with being noisy (loud white noise and squealing) almost non-stop. It seems to be interference from something new in the neighbourhood as it only happens at my place - if I use it at someone else's place it is still perfectly quiet. I have considered removing the speaker but an electrician has advised me that the speaker may contain vital parts for the circuit and by removing the speaker I risk damaging it. I don't want to risk being without a dawn simulator so would rather get a backup before trying any surgery on my current one.

So, I am currently looking for a new dawn simulator that does not contain a speaker. I am in Australia where we have mains 230V but 240V is within tolerance making UK/Euro devices suitable. I have found 2 US dawn simulators that contain no speaker but the voltage makes them unsuitable. I contacted the manufacturer of Lighten Up dawn simulators ( Sunrise simulator (dawn simulator) supplements your alarm clock. An inexpensive (cheap) treatment for SAD, shift work, winter blues, jet lag, or morning lethargy. An alternative to light boxes for $20. ) who told me that they don't make a 240V version and have tested them with voltage adapters without success. The other one is Sun Up Dawn Simulator ( SunUp Dawn Simulator by Pi Square ) for which I can't find a manufacturer's website (PiSquare) but it only seems to be sold on US sites.

I am hoping there might be a UK/Euro model similar to the Lighten Up and Sun Up which someone here might know about. Or, maybe someone knows a way to get a US model to work with Aussie mains? Or, any other ideas?

Any and all ideas will be appreciated. Thanks.