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Thread: what to do when being underweight is the issue!

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    Dear boy, relish your skinny youth - it won't last forever. I'm being completely serious. Both my husband and I were skinnies when young. Natural skinnies tend to stay skinny until some time in your 30s. Participating regularly in sports can help put on a little weight. I don't like body-building as a way to put on weight. You just end up looking unnatural and working very hard all the time. Focus on overall health and a good clean diet. Eating a lot of carbs or other foods to try to force the weight on will just mess up your health.

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    Hey mark, i love everything you've done here its a great resource but i find that in general most topics pertain to losing weight and id just like your opinion on those who because of digestive issues and whatnot have issues gaining weight? especially when considering the amount of carbohydrates you gaining weight is so difficult for me do you still believe that more then 150grams of carbs puts me in the insidious category? at 23 years old/6foot/140 pounds i dont see myself gaining any extra weight just because i ate 200g of carbs! thoughts?

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    And a sustained insulin spike throughout the day, unless you are suggesting he eat that all at once right after LHT. That is the ONLY time you should ingest an assload of carbs for muscle growth. It's not the total number of carbs, but the timing that allows for muscle growth.
    ^ what he said, though that would be a great amount of carbohydrates.

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    ..gallon of milk a day. a great way to f yourself up if you arent already a big milk drinker. im guessing hes not or he wouldnt weigh 140.. i have seen LOTS of people try this approach after hearing it or reading an article and i have never seen it turn out well.

    4cups of wild rice
    1lb of meat
    1/2 cup olive oil
    add in whatever veggies you want, starchy carbs like carrots would be a good idea.
    season to taste.
    make it into fried rice etc.
    figure out a way to eat all of it every day.
    dont eat half of it at once and you wont mess with your blood sugar. eat more of it after your workout.

    if youre young and active and not messing with your blood sugar then some carbs arent going to kill you. carbs are fine if you are using them in a healthy state (agree with

    if you want to avoid startchy carbs then you are going to have to eat a crazy amount of protein to fuel your requirements (i wouldnt try it..)

    if youre super skinny you are probably always walking around with very low stored carbohydrate..dont eat enough protein..dont eat enough fat.. DONT EAT ENOUGH..

    assuming you are working out? if so then you can probably make a workout shake with whey and carbs.

    what do your daily macros look like now?

    what are your daily activites?


    are you "skinny fat" or are you a 6' 140lb starving athlete? like HillsideGina said, focus on health. if youre not creating a reason for your body to gain muscle eating more isnt going to help you gain more than 10lbs of muscle.. assuming you arent sedintary..if you are then eating more will gain you fat.

    please reply with daily activity/workout details

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