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Thread: Vacation!

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    Utrecht, Netherlands


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    Going on a 42 day trip tomorrow morning! Going to 3 different big music festivals in Eastern Europe and visiting some big Eastern Europe city's in between. Berlin, Prague, Bratislava, Budapest, etc. Wish me luck on this primal challange!

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    So lucky. Have a fabulous time.

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    Man, I could live on those big sausages they sell all over Germany! Eastern Euro breakfasts are the best-- Coffee, meat and cheese. Liverwurst, blood sausage, jaegerschnitzel--well, except for the breading. Have fun, dude! Tot Ziens and eat grokkelijk!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MvEssen View Post
    Going to 3 different big music festivals
    Ever hear of a Utrecht band called the boeresoulstampers? A good friend of mine plays trombone with them!

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    "eastern european cities" like it's gosh-dang (??) rio grande texas.

    the easterns, don't treat them as stupid white america ns; they bring shame.

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