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    Because it's there.

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    When mountaineer George Mallory was asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest he responded, “Because it's there.” When I open my lunch box (at the office) and ask myself why I am eating when I am not even hungry, my simple response is “Because it’s there.”

    I need some real creative ideas for dealing with this issue. I work 25 miles from home and ride the train. I leave the house at 6:45 am and arrive back home at 6:45 pm. I pack a lunch box every day that includes healthy food for both breakfast and lunch. The problem is, sometimes I am hungry and sometimes I am not. The food is there and no matter what, I eat it. I want to be more successful at weight loss. I want to lose about 25 pounds and I like the concept of IF. I workout at the gym on my lunch hour and eat at my desk. That is probably contributing to the problem but I need my workouts.

    Any ideas?

    PS My profile pic was taken 3 years ago before I gained the weight. I want to get back there!
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    When I get the munchies when I know I am not hungry I find it helpful to go brush my teeth or use mouthwash. It seems nothing tastes that great after using listerine.

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    Plan your I.f. on those days only pack one meal or nothing. Take a walk at lunch instead. If you need to chew on something at your desk try some mint or other flavored chew sticks. You'll get great healthy teeth as a bonus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pdovers View Post

    Any ideas?
    Try this: if you aren't hungry, don't eat.

    IF is great if you have self control. It doesn't sound like you are quite there yet. At least you have acknowledged the fact that you will eat if food is present. You have to get over that or even IF'ing won't work for you.
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    The great thing about losing weight on a primal lifestyle is that you CAN eat and not starve yourself dieting or fasting if you don't want to. You want to eat healthily and stay with the lifestyle, and not yo-yo diet. Primal isn't a diet but if you watch your carb intake you will lose weight - read Mark's articles below:

    17 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

    The Primal Blueprint Carbohydrate Curve

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    You could try making it inconvenient to get to your lunch. Maybe lock it in a locker somewhere outside your office?
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    Maybe... just maybe... you could just not bring a lunch. Eat a big breakfast of steak and eggs, and have some fruits and veggies when you get home. Sounds reasonable to me, it's what I usually do.

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    You do it because you have developed the habit to eat at designated times and now you feel uncomfortable digressing from the norm. Did you develop that habit for rational reasons and can you think of any reason to keep doing it? If not then you are going to have to do the one thing that frees you from habits that you don't want to have: break it. It might be tough at first. Think of it as freeing yourself from the shackles of convention and the oppressive mundanity of routine. You can do eet. Steps towards changing behavior 1. Acknowledge its irrationality. 2. Reward yourself for being strong enough to beat it.

    The helpful tips above are worth a try as well. Maybe you could make a really mediocre lunch - something that you don't really look forward to. For me that would be herring and a salad with olive oil but nothing fancy. Blarg! I would eat it if I was hungry, but I wouldn't look forward to it. Eh? Eh?
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    Ok, this may sound silly and simplistic to some, but it has worked very well for me. Whenever I feel like eating I ask myself (out loud - but under my breath is other people are around) "Are you really hungry or just craving?" I found that one of my biggest problems is that I eat because I'm craving for reasons other than actual hunger (boredom, force of habit, just saw some food, someone is cooking something in the office and I can smell it, etc). In the past I often confused cravings for actual hunger and would over eat. When I ask myself this simple question it actually makes me stop and think about it. Most of the time I realize that I'm not really hungry and my brain shifts gears and I don't eat.
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    if you eat at your desk anyway there's no reason to not postpone the lunch. Keep it in your mind as not that you're skipping, you're just waiting to eat til you are hungry. And once you are, eat it. If you make it through the day then you do, otherwise you eat a little later and maybe eat a lighter or later than normal supper.

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