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Thread: Tom Ewer's Journal

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    Tom Ewer's Journal

    Shop Now I'm brand new to this. And when I say brand new, I really mean it - having first visited this website about 4 hours ago!

    I am making a 30 day commitment to the lifestyle promoted by this website. When that period has ended I will analyse the benefits and move forwards accordingly.

    Upon reading the first few articles I came across, I decided to start the diet immediately. No "well I'll just have this last chocolate bar" or anything of that rubbish.

    For dinner, I had chicken, stuffed with pork, wrapped in bacon, with carrots, peas, and mushrooms.

    After an hour or so I was still hungry, so I had a two egg omelette with chicken, bacon and mushrooms. I have a feeling that eggs might get old for me quickly...we shall see.

    I think one of the most challenging things is going to be tackling my sweet tooth. I can feel sated but still want something sweet. From what I can see, the Paleo diet does not major on sweet things.

    So why am I doing this? Roughly in order:

    1. I want to look good
    2. I want a better complexion
    3. I want to be fitter
    4. I want to kick my insomnia
    5. I want to be more alert

    Pretty vain I know, but honesty is my policy!

    One of the main reasons for me being here is accountability, so I hope you guys can give me support!

    Thanks for reading!

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    I am here for you!

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    Mark freely admits that vanity works for him. Hehe.
    Ancestral Health Info

    I design websites and blogs for a living. If you would like a blog or website designed by someone who understands Primal, see my web page.

    Primal Blueprint Explorer My blog for people who are not into the Grok thing. Since starting the blog, I have moved close to being Archevore instead of Primal. But Mark's Daily Apple is still the best source of information about living an ancestral lifestyle.

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    Day 1 - It Begins...

    Day 1 - It Begins...

    Well this is my first full day living the Primal lifestyle. I don't expect to transition immediately - it will likely be about reading up, getting better informed, and adjusting accordingly. My diet is definitely the priority though, so I am diving into that full on.

    I haven't eaten yet today as I don't feel particularly hungry. I rarely do for at least an hour after getting up (which is usually 8am). One thing is a bit strange though...I woke up feeling a bit nauseous, and I couldn't get the idea of eating meat for breakfast out of my head! It was making me feel a bit sick, almost as if my body was telling me that it was going to miss my usual breakfast of fruit n fibre!

    Anyway, that feeling is now beginning to fade. When the hunger kicks in I will probably have some fruit, and take it from there!

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    Well I've managed to stomach some food. I still feel bit a bit nauseous, but I'm hoping it will fade.

    Breakfast: Mixed fruit

    Snack: 3 rashers of bacon and two scrambled eggs

    The snack was an unusual moment for me. I was feeling a bit peckish at around 11am, and figured I might as well have something. Having bacon and eggs just because you were a bit peckish and fancied it, on a diet?! Surely not...

    A Bit More About Me

    I'm 25 years old and in reasonable shape.

    I'm 6'1" and 208 pounds. However, I am quite broad and carry the weight well. I play squash, cricket and golf, so get a good amount of mixed cardio.

    I used to run (up to 35 miles a week) but gave up on that when it got cold! Plus, although it was satisfying in a way (and I could eat 4,000+ calories a day and still lose weight), it was never really something I enjoyed.

    I am looking to build muscle and lose fat, but I am not going to start off with a gym regime. I am going to concentrate on eating lots of protein and doing "casual" strength exercises such as pushups, pullups etc. After 28 days I will evaluate how that is going for me and take it from there.

    I'm using Fitday to track my intake. I am aiming for my rough daily intake to be 210g protein, 80g carbs, and 100g fat. I am just going to eat what I want for the first few days, with those rough amounts in mind, and see how close I can get, then take it from there.

    That's it for now!

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    Lunch: breast of chicken with mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower and balsamic vinegar

    Mmm...that was tasty!

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    Next time you might go for the bacon and eggs for breakfast and the fruit for a snack if you are still hungry.

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    Why would that be better? :-)

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    Dinner: 12 pork and beef meatballs in a tomato, onion, carrot and mushroom sauce (all homemade) and cheese

    Man, that was filling! But then, I suppose half a kilogram of meat should this over the top? The way I see it, I might usually have say 6 meatballs with pasta - this way, I am just replacing the pasta with more meat!

    That brings my calorific intake today to somewhere under 3,000 calories including around 200 grams of protein, which was around what I was looking for.

    It's all a bit of a guessing game at the moment!

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    Shop Now
    Any feedback on my first day would be much appreciated

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