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Thread: Primal Journal: onelasttime

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    Primal Journal: onelasttime

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    Time to start a journal and get serious!

    I'm been around for a few months but I haven't fully committed instead I've been jumping off and on. A few notes about me - reformed vegetarian, with a sweet tooth and dairy obsession who was recently found to be gluten intolerant. While researching options to remove gluten from my diet I came across MDA and found the concept interesting. My household is committed to eating conscientiously farmed local products and although he's not primal himself my husband is supportive of my choice. Luckily for me, I do all the cooking and he'll eat whatever I put on his plate. I have been fasting for short periods for many years so I will include IF. I still haven't read the PB but I'm thinking it should be a gift to myself. I've read many other books on the western food systems and nutrition - currently slogging through Good Calories, Bad Calories.

    Height: 163 cm

    Current weight: 62 kg

    Better weight: 56 kg


    1. Eat primally 80-90% with limited dairy (cream, butter, aged hard cheese) and 85% chocolate.

    2. Lift weights 3 times per week

    3. Move more

    4. Treat myself to something relaxing each week

    Today - Began with 24 hour fast and broke fast with breakfast for dinner:

    2 eggs (fried in bacon fat)

    5 strips of bacon



    Breakfast: 2 egg omelet with tea

    Lunch: Big salad with tuna and mayo

    Dinner: Beef steak with brussels sprouts and an apple

    Workout: Weights

    Thanks for reading!

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    Yesterday went great - I find it easier when I can plan the day ahead of time.

    Today, I woke up to some exercise that Mother Nature provided on my driveway and followed up with:

    Breakfast: 2 egg omelet with tea

    Lunch: Veggies (tomato, pepper, carrots, broccoli) with 4 dry nitrate free pepperettes (that may be too high in salt but tasted great) and tea

    Dinner: the harder part since I have to go out to a work dinner at a Greek restaurant and their menu is overrun with "no substitutions" so I imagine they are not too flexible. I am hoping to order a meal sized Greek salad with chicken.

    The dressing has me stumped - I should skip it, have it on the side or just go for it?

    Normally, I would eat spanakopita and a salad with hummus and pita so this will be a new experience for me.

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    Shishkebobs are a great choice at Greek restaurants, too, and might make you feel a little less deprived. And then there's melitzanosalata, which is great with cucumber slices. Mousaka, kokonisto, arni psito... oh, my, must have Greek food now!

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    Last night's Greek food was amazing. I had a Greek salad with the dressing and a chicken breast topped with a grilled pepper, marinara sauce, and feta cheese.

    Today didn't go so well since it was an on the road day for work and I wasn't prepared.

    Breakfast: Skip

    Lunch: Meeting buffet - Salad with no dressing and chicken wrap (I removed the wrap and ate the insides).

    Dinner: Cheeseburger with no bun and fries (I know) from a mom and pop joint. And a dark chocolate bar.

    I'm thinking I should end the day with some weights...

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    I can see that the season's festivities are going to challenge my efforts. It looks like I have one meal a day that I have to be better prepared for. I still have three more work events and then the family stuff.

    Friday and Saturday were definitely 20% days.

    Breakfast: Skip

    Lunch: Large salad with chicken and cheese

    Dinner: Late pub food = sweet potato fries with a soda and a hot chocolate on the way home. Note to self stay away from the sugar!

    Yesterday continued along the same lines.

    Breakfast: Skip

    Lunch: Local pork sausage grilled with peppers, onions and tomatoes - YUM!

    Dinner: Work Christmas buffet = casseroles with rice (tried to eat around it) and salads.

    Today I'll try to have more resolve.

    Breakfast (late): Fried egg with cheese (trying to eat up the remaining cheese).

    Lunch: Skip

    Dinner: Homemade meatballs with onions, carrots and a mushroom sauce with salad.

    I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!

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    Breakfast: Coffee with cream and sugar.

    Lunch (late work holiday gathering): Romaine salad with gruyere cheese, prosciutto chips and chicken. Ginger beer splurge.

    Dinner: Skip but snacked on mixed berries and a slice of cheese.


    Breakfast: 2 eggs and mixed berries.

    Lunch: Salad, pepperettes (nitrate free, reduced salt) and a slice of cheese.

    Dinner (work holiday gathering): Based on last year it should be finger foods that I will have to stay clear of. I will stick to the veggie/cheese platters, meat skewers and have a salad with chicken when I get home.

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    Tuesday night I had a wonderfully hard workout - I love the feeling afterwards!


    Breakfast: One egg and 3 slices of smoked turkey

    Lunch: Salad with chicken

    Snack: Tea and 1/2 slice of cheese cake no crust.

    Dinner: Salad with cheese and a few potato fries.


    Started off with weights to counter act some stiffness from Monday's workout.


    Berry smoothie (berries, yogurt, whey protein)


    Veggie stir fry with Chicken


    Whatever I pick up at the local butcher with brussels sprouts and butter - mmm mmm good.

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    Alright, tomorrow is week two done but I have yet to settle in.

    Goal progress:

    1. Eating primally 60-70% of the time. I knew this time of year would be hard but I'm finding it really tough.

    2. Workout progress but I could work harder.

    3. Not really moving more - will focus on this one during my two week break.

    4. Going for a massage today so I got this one covered.

    This weekend had many negatives in the food department but I am not going to dwell on them and just move on.


    Breakfast: Two eggs and four slices of roast turkey

    Lunch: Coffee with 4 pepperettes and an apple

    Dinner is a function and I WILL STAY STRONG!

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    Back from holidays and feasting beyond belief. Glad to be home and back on the wagon. The hubby is joining me for a bit so we've been in "recovery" together.


    Workout: Shoulders and Arms (P90X 1/2 DVD lifting heavy)

    Breakfast: 2 eggs and ham

    Lunch: Can't remember; late breakfast?

    Dinner: Chicken and butternut squash soup

    Indulgence: Dark chocolate truffle


    Workout: Abs and stretching

    Breakfast: 2 eggs and ham with 1/2 berries

    Lunch: Salad with chicken

    Dinner: Shrimp stir-fry (just veggies with ginger and garlic)

    Indulgence: Dark chocolate truffle

    Fun: 60 minute winter hike with dog

    Today - New Year's Eve!

    Workout: Legs and Back (P90X 1/2 DVD)

    Breakfast: 2 eggs and ham with an apple (thank goodness the ham is gone)

    Lunch: Salami and cheese with carrots and cauliflower

    Dinner: Bacon wrapped filet mignon with mashed turnip and brussels sprouts

    Indulgence: Dark chocolate truffle and baked apple with pecans

    Fun: 60 minute winter hike with dog; movie Sherlock Holmes (no treats)

    Friday - Happy 2010!

    Workout: Plyometrics (P90X)

    Begin two-day water fast with organic apple and almonds if needed on day two


    Workout: Move slow

    Continue two-day fast

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    Update on Friday and Saturday. No plyo since I was still way too sore from legs and back to do much. Instead Friday morning the hubby and I took the dog out for an hour hike in the soft falling snow - nice way to ring in the new year. Yesterday we just cruised the malls picking up things we needed before we go back to work.


    Workout: Plyometrics and abs

    Breakfast: Two egg omelette with spinach, peppers and cheese, two slices of bacon and tea

    Lunch: Tomato with pesto and parmesan cheese, salami, cheese, walnuts and pickles

    Dinner: Beef bourguignon that's in the oven right now - smells so good

    Indulgence: Berries and whipped cream

    I'm sad I have to go back to work tomorrow!

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