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Thread: All this fat = gallstones?

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    I'm pretty sure if fat caused gallstones, I'd have had one. At one point I think I was eating about 90%, when I was VLC/ZC.

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    The gallstone conversation is interesting. I have never had trouble, but when I first began eating primal an acquaintance told me she got terrible gallstones when she did Atkins. She was extremely obese when she started Atkins and lost a lot of weight (maybe 80 pounds or more) on it. After a year or so, her gallstone problem started, and her doctor told her to cut out all the fat. I just smiled and nodded when she told me this (she was essentially warning me). I wonder if some people are perhaps more prone to gallbladder issues than others?

    Also, I would say be careful of eating too much bacon. Melissa and Dallas are quite knowledgeable, and here is their take. I believe it's a good primal treat or garnish (I eat it once or twice a month) but should not necessarily be a regular thing.

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