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Thread: Thoughts on Raw Dairy and Cellulite

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    Thoughts on Raw Dairy and Cellulite

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    I am in week 3 of my primal journey so yep, it's early days, but I am very keen to shift my stubborn cellulite (understandably I'm sure you'll agree!). I am 100% commited and I don't cheat (yet!). I've never been overweight but I was getting a bit dumpy and pudgey, however a stronger looking leaner body is appearing already. I have been drinking fresh raw milk from a local farm as a treat (I can get it in 2 pint bottles and it lasts about a week so don't have to have loads), and this week I made my own kefir with it. I love cheese so every couple of days I have some raw milk cheese like roquefort, camembert or brie. Does anyone have any experience with raw milk positively or negatively affecting their cellulite? I feel so miserable about it sometimes. I'd cut dairy out if I thought it would help, but since I can get raw dairy locally and it's good for us I won't if there's no point. Thanks every one.

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    Raw diary is outstanding. I drink raw goat milk, fresh cheese and the hard type cheese as well, all from goat.

    It's not diary that is evil. It's all about calories in the end.

    You like diary? Eat it.

    Enjoy life.

    We're here temporarily.

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