Woke up yesterday feeling dreadful - not sure if it was the Pimm's or the sugar or the combination of the two, but either way I was a pretty unhappy bunny until at least noon. Not headachy or nauseated, but somewhat woozy and fogged.

Anyway, I managed to behave myself a bit better -

Skipped breakfast (just black coffee, and a fair bit of water)
Lunch: fritatta made with leftover stir-fried cabbage, bok choi and carrots, and 3 eggs. Some raw cucumber.
Snack: some garlic-stuffed green olives, Sol shandy with lime
Dinner: turmeric-marinaded chicken thigh kebab (mmm), roasted courgettes and broccoli with parmesan and lemon.

Had a lazy day, but frankly wasn't up to much other than sitting at the computer and doing housework anyway. Didn't get as much work done as I should've, but got through a lot of laundry and cleaning.