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Thread: Who needs pancakes?!

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    Who needs pancakes?!

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    Just thought I'd share this little discovery...

    My husband and I are pretty strict Primal/grain and carb free during the week, but Sunday is our naughty sweet day. We still avoid processed sugar, but things made with maple syrup or honey are allowed.
    Anyway, I made, for the first time in years, a fluffy omelet as an experiment for my husband wanted a pain au chocolat alternative.
    What do you know, not only was it wonderful with melted 85% chocolate spread on it (for him) but my half was perfect with bacon & maple syrup! Pancakes were one thing I was sort of missing, and I didn't like the look of the coconut-flour alternative recipes.
    But I miss pancakes no more, a fluffy omelet is the perfect substitute, soaks up syrup, good texture, and could probably be used as a base for all sorts of things!

    if you don't know how to make one, it's super easy:

    Serves 2

    You need a frying pan at least an inch deep, with a metal handle, and a grill/broiler, preheated.

    6 eggs, separated
    bit of coconut oil or butter

    Whip egg whites until fairly stiff.
    Beat egg yolks for a couple minutes.
    Stir a spoonful of white into the yolks, then tip into the whites, and fold to combine (be gentle, you don't want to knock the air out!).
    Heat some oil/butter in the frying pan (nonstick helps), when warm pour in the eggs.
    Allow to cook - keep the heat moderate so the bottom doesn't burn - and then when it's getting firm & nicely brown underneath, put under the grill to let the top cook.
    Remove when done (only a few mins).

    Add chocolate/maple syrup/honey, whatever! Enjoy!

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    Almond meal makes great pancakes. I eat mine with chopped strawberries. Yum!

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