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    So yesterdsay I started PB and I did really well however by the end of the day I was very bloated and I did have some hypoglycemic symptoms and carb flu symptoms. A few people yesterday suggested since I'm not trying to lose a ton of weight and I'm fairly small I eat more carbs...they are talking fruit and veggies correct?? Not back to grain of any kind? I get so confused. I ate a BAS for lunch nuts for snacks and just eggs for breakfast. I think the fat is bloating me due to having no gallbladder, but I get bloated no matter what so oh well. But I guess my question is when people here say eat more carbs they mean more veggies and fruit correct?

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    yeah or possibly something starchy like a potato or rice. you want to watch out with fruit because of the sugar content

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    Yes--veggies and fruits, sometimes starchy veg (sweet potatoes, potatoes etc...). Check the links in my sig for more on the basics if you need it!!!

    Good luck going through this transition! If I were just starting to switch to primal, esp if I was not looking to lose weight, I'd personally follow my appetite, eating meats, veggies, fruits, as much as I wanted, when I felt like it to satisfaction. (That's actually what I *did* and lost lots of weight doing it too when I first switched over!) HTH!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gofigerr View Post
    So yesterdsay I started PB and I did really well however by the end of the day I was very bloated and I did have some hypoglycemic symptoms and carb flu symptoms.
    I've heard Dr. Jay Wortman, a doctor who's worked trying to help Namgis First Nation people in Canada with ketogenic diets speak about this. He says they've found that often these symptoms can actually be down to not enough salt. This is exacerbated by some low-carb diets that tell people to drink a lot of water. Basically, if you cut out processed foods—which have far too much salt—suddenly you can be in a position where you don't have enough. The solution is just to make sure you sprinkle a very little seasalt on your food. This might not be so in your case but worth bearing in mind perhaps.

    ... I think the fat is bloating me due to having no gallbladder...
    Robb Wolf has taken questions from people in your position more than once on his podcast. IIRC, he recommends taking enzymes and perhaps ox gall. Might be worth checking out anyway:

    Robb Wolf: Search Results: gall+bladder

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    People like me mean starch. White rice, sweet potatoes, white potatoes. The secrets to really losing body fat is to cycle them on certain days of the week after workouts, and in large quantities (150g+ in a sitting). Since I've been doing this, I've lost more body fat than ever sticking low carb, I have way more energy for my workouts and my gains are coming along better, too.
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