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    Blood test results :D

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    Just over two months primal when I had this blood drawn a week ago. Not a lot of time, but I was over due for a checkup.

    I have the last four blood tests (going back to 2008) to compare to.

    My cholesterol hasn't changed much. Apparently no matter what I eat (primal, vegetarian, junk food crap - whatever), my total cholesterol hovers in the 150 range. Right now it's 163.

    HDL is 38. That's about the same range it's been all this time. Humph. I was hoping it would go up but ok.

    My LDL went up a lot. It's been the 60 and 70 range but this time it was 103. But my doctor didn't say anything about it. I know from reading here that it's the type of LDL that matters, not how much and no, this blood test didn't measure the type. Still, I thought he'd say something

    My blood sugar has always been in a normal range. From 79 to 99. This time it was 89.

    So ok, nothing exciting yet. But then we get to the triglycerides

    Back in '08 my TG were 140. Then I decided I was done dieting and was going to eat whatever I wanted. Next blood test it was 295 . Then my husband and I went on a low fat, almost vegetarian diet with lots of whole grains and blah blah blah. Boring as all crap and I'm so happy I'm not eating that way anymore, lol! But I ate that way for about a year and my two TG readings in that time were still over 200 (218 and then 236).

    So my very last TG reading was 236.

    As of last week, it's

    112 !!!

    Yes, I know many here have lower, but this is after only two months primal. A reduction of 124 points! The doctor was impressed

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    This is probably why he didn't say anything about the LDL. That can wait for another day. Today, celebrate!

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    I'm guessing you are female... Cholesterol hasn't been correlated with heart attack in women, some people think that routine testing of women is one of the biggest chunks of wasted health care spending there is. So that's another reason he may not have been interested in the number.
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