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    Motivate Me!

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    I have been dabbling with the PB for the past 2 months and I can 't seem to string 3 straight weeks without having a cheat meal. My question is when do you get in a groove with this way of living? I am thinking of modifiying my foods to make my eating as simple as possible.
    Bacon adn Eggs
    Salad with protein
    Protein with veggies.

    Snacks: Beef Jerky homemade

    any thoughts?

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    1 cheat meal every 3 weeks sounds good to me. If it's for life, you can't eat perfectly every day forever
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    I just went on a cruise over the 4th of July holiday and had an entire cheat week. I got back yesterday morning and got right back into the groove of things. I will still have an occasional cheat meal or snack, probably every 3-4 weeks. It won't kill you or slow down your progress, I promise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NurseMama5 View Post
    1 cheat meal every 3 weeks sounds good to me. If it's for life, you can't eat perfectly every day forever

    Though if you want to truly minimize cheats, read up on the health consequences of each type of cheat, then look up pictures and read accounts of people suffering from them and commit them to memory. Disgust is there to protect us.

    You can also offer your friends $20 if they catch you cheating.

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    I think it's beneficial to go about 4 strict weeks, paying special attention to avoid gluten. After you change from a sugar burner to fat burner and really start feeling the benefits, you'll be hooked. Then you can ease up a bit, but you might not even want so many cheats because you'll know what they do to you.

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    I have a nice grapefruit or some berries for my cheat.....I don't find any issue because I can eat lots and lots of bacon, eggs, red meat, butter, coconut oil,.... coming from too many years on a low fat diet, living primal is like a cheat everyday. :-)
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