I came to MDA through my hiking buddy. I have known this man over a decade, been hiking with him for several years now and trust him completely. Watching his primal journey has been educational, not only from his loss of 60 pounds (which I didn't think were there) but also seeing the medical problems that have plagued him for years become non-existent. Because my husband knows him and trusts him as well, changing how we eat met with no resistance from him.

It has been just over a month since we have gradually weaned back on grains. I didn't see the sense in going cold turkey and getting the carb flu. I haven't consumed much in the way of processed foods for a few years now so the transition has not been too hard. DH is thrilled as he has dropped 20 pounds and now notices how many men he sees are carrying a large gut where before it just didn't enter his radar. In my case I haven't noticed much weight loss on the scale but my belly, back and thigh fat are all reducing. On the advice of my hiking buddy, I upped my fat intake and am starting to see the scale drop.

I'm starting this journal to keep myself from getting discouraged that slow and steady wins the race when I wish I had WOW results! I would much rather have a sustainable lifestyle ith steady progress than an unsustainable one with quick results.

I have shared MDA with two sisters, a nephew and a friend. We'll see what happens. I have urged all of them to read the Primal Blueprint for the nutritional information alone, whether or not they choose to go Primal.

Today was a typical exercise day for me. Pulling hoses, mowing with a push mower, climbing ladders to clean the gutters. Oh, wrangled a big root mass from a tree we took out and got that out of my front yard. Definitely used some back muscles on that one!