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Thread: Which Would You Give Up First

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    Which Would You Give Up First

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    I tried Primal BluePrint last fall. I lost weight and a lot of inches. However, I felt terrible for 2 months. I just horrible yeast die-off reactions from giving up so much so soon. Then Christmas came with all my husband and daughter's baking........I gained 10 pounds over winter but stayed there for while.

    In May- I drank 2 or more diet cokes per day. I would eat frozen sausage biscuits for breakfast, fast food (esp -taco bell!) or sandwiches or pizza for lunch, and frozen pot pies over Lipton Rice or take out Chinese or fast food for dinner (and usually not until 9:00 at night). Rarely drank water. Didn't exercise. I had cookies or cupcakes almost daily. Usually MANY daily. I had candy a lot too (I had a customer send me 14 pounds of gourmet chocolates!). 1-2 wine coolers daily. I gained 10 pounds in one month!!!!

    About June 6th, I gave up obvious sugars (sweets) except occasional dark chocolate on weekends . Each week since I've given up something: Wheat, White Potatoes, Rice, Honey Mustard Dressing and wine coolers.

    Each week I've worked on one other lifestyle change: started walking, increasing water intake by 2 cups, went from walking to hiking, trying to do a half plate of veggies, adding in two more cups of water, and joining CrossFit.

    Right now I have the following things to clear out to be primal. I try to keep it to once non-primal thing a day. Occasionally, I end up with two. For example, if I know we are going to movies and I'll have popcorn, then I skip having beans and don't have my fun dessert concoction

    Beans (black beans on my eggs, lentil soup, hummus, chili w/beans)
    Popcorn (usually 1 time a week at movies- unbuttered)
    No Sugar Added Fudgepops w/Sugar Free Cool Whip and Peanut Butter
    Peanut Butter (reguar) -usually only have it with above.
    Soy Sauce or Barbecue Sauce (one or the other once a week)
    Diet Coke (16 oz bottle once a day though I skip some days)

    After I tame these guys, I will have to work on
    Fruit (especially higher glycemic fruits)
    Dairy (Greek Yogurt, milk, lots of cheese)
    and I'm sure nuts (not a problem now but I know I will be using it to sub for above).

    Anyway, which thing should I conquer next. Diet Coke is probably the most consistent vice. FWIW, I had been on a 70 week fast from diet coke and I gained 10 pounds in one month when I ended that fast the first of May! I'm going out of town this week and probably won't have popcorn so that maybe one to give up. I thought maybe I should switch my peanut butter to Almond butter in my dessert. I'm almost out of the topping and not buying any more of that. Or should I work on upping my water to 8 cups. I'm at a consistent 6 cups a day now. Often more but at least 6. My goal is to eventually get to 10.

    I'm not losing weight. I went from 163 to 157 the first week of giving up sugar and bread. However, I keep hovering at 157 for 4 weeks. I will drop to 154-155 and then the next day be back to 157. However, I'm feeling better (unless you count barely being able to make it up the stairs after my first CF workout!). The die-off symptoms have been much more gradual and I don't feel as stressed because I am not trying to conquer so many things at once. I don't feel as obssessed to be at a certain weight by a certain date. I've been there and I know I can get slim temporarily by sacrifcing a month or two but I don't seem to be able to make WOL changes. I'm more interested in doable than quick results but I admit I am a bit disappointed that the scale is not moving. I just don't know what to conquer next to get the most bang for the buck!

    PS: I took pictures and measured myself this past week so I can have something to gauge other than the scale.
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    Diet Coke and the fudgepops and the BBQ sauce together.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grumpy Caveman View Post
    Diet Coke and the fudgepops and the BBQ sauce together.
    +1 I'd get rid of anything that TASTES sweet, whether it has any carbs or not.

    If I had to pick one, Diet Coke is it. But you know that already, based on the 10 pound gain when you added it back in.


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    I think the 'take one thing out at a time' approach is a great idea if it's working for you! It can be a realistic way to make new habits and create lasting positive change. I'm someone who realy believes in using substitutes as needed, esp. during transitions. For me personally, a deprivation mindset leads to bad things (I have an eating disorder history) so subs have been very helpful while making changes IME...

    I would drop them in this order:
    1. fudgepops (Could make yourself some coconut milk, cocoa powder and stevia pops instead during the transition)
    2. diet coke (will be hard--I've been there before and it can cause serious withdrawl symptoms!) If that's too hard, save it for later...
    3. BBQ sauce (Mark just posted a sub on the blog--another sub I love is the Garden of Eating's "better bbq sauce": Better Barbecue Sauce (stevia sweetened) (I don't ever use honey--just stevia)
    Coconut Secret's coconut aminos are a great sub for soy sauce fyi...
    3. beans or popcorn next...
    4. PB--make sure the kind you're eating is unsweetened, contains no nasty oils, and maybe you can transition to almond butter etc. (I personally find nut butters are tough not too eat too much of, so its something that might be best cut out totally or eaten in great moderation at some point in time...)
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    I'm in the "ditch sweet-tasting" camp. Keeping any of the stuff that tastes sweet, regardless of carb content, will just prolong the difficulty of eventually giving it up. It may not seem like a big deal, but you're actually making it harder than it has to be. Get the crappy part over with and don't drag it out.

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    I'm thinking Diet Coke is the one I need to work on the most. It is a sweet trigger for me. I know it is. If I can beat it, the other sweetish things will likely subside. I'm going to be spending most of the week at my Mom's so it will be easier to take withdrawal naps, etc. with someone else available to supervise the kids. I definitely need to kick the habit by August 1st when we begin our homeschool year. I won't have time to relax.

    I may go ahead and switch from regular peanut butter to almond butter. I like almond butter. I just haven't switched as it is a matter of getting to the store to get what I need as opposed to using what is in the pantry already. It's not a big "mental" thing for me. I actually crave the peanut butter more than the fudgesicle or coolwhip. Probably because of the sugar in it.

    I don't like coconut flavor so I don't know if making my own pops would work. I may try it. I have to mix coconut oil with other oils or use it only with something that has a strong enough taste to overpower the coconut flavor.
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    Flush all of it! Just put it in the dooker and jiggle the handle.

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    Anything that tastes sweet. Diet coke if it has to be one thing. It's all about those urges and what triggers them. You want to get to a place where you don't have the urge to eat the bad foods, so removing the triggers is most important.
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    I'd get rid of all the things with artificial sweetener things first and forever. If you don't have any poor reactions bbq sauce and soy sauce ( get wheat free tamari) once or twice a week ar not bad. Then the beans, the peanut butter, the popcorn.
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    Get off your scale! If you go cold turkey, you will start losing weight soon. Taking this modular approach to low-carbing will see you losing weight eventually, once you've cut out all those carbs. For now if you're still eating significant amounts of fruits it's unlikely you're losing. My advice is to not step on that scale until you're eating under 30 grams of carbs per diem (approximate, because counting food sucks).

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