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Thread: Sugar addict & PB

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    I have been a lifelong sweet tooth sugar addict, all my favourite meals had some form of sweetness to them and breakfast cereal has been a favourite of mine since childhood. I've been following the PB for about a month and I was just about to get upset with myself for not having been able to cut out sugars (and putting on weight) when I realised that I have actually made some impressive changes in the past month, and that although I'm not 80% Primal yet, PB really works and if I keep working at it, I can cut out the sugars for good. The reason for my post is to remind any other sugar addicts to focus on the positive changes, and stop fretting about not being perfect... ite helps change you mindset and motivate change more.

    So far I have managed to:

    - Cut out all breakfast cereals and no longer crave them

    - Not have honey in herbal tea

    - Fruit actually tastes sweet

    - Dark chocolate no longer tastes bitter, and milk choc tastes sickeningly sweet

    - Stop craving bread, even with soup (who'd have thought?)

    - Pull my nose up at doughnuts

    So all in all, if this is what PB can help me achieve in just over a month, I can't wait to see what happens over the next month.

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    Sounds like you're doing good to me.

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    Yep, sounds like great progress to me. I think there's a post of Mark's somewhere about making incremental changes. When you list them all out, it's really impressive!

    Chocolate: I had some 70% cocoa chocolate a couple of days ago and it tasted so sweet to me! I went out and bought some 85%, but the only place I could find it was the baking ingredients aisle. Which reminded me and the OH that both of our mothers' told us when we were kids that 'baking chocolate' couldn't be eaten raw as it was bad for your tummy!!!

    Ah, the 1970s....

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