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Thread: Coconut flour

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    Coconut flour

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    Anyone knwo a great place online to order this? I can only find shredded coconut in stores are my area and really wanna try this stuff! =)

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    Tropical Traditions Coconut Flour -- currently 33% off, and a chance for free shipping too (check out the coupon code on the right side of the page)

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    I buy the Bob's Red Mill stuff at the organic grocery store and find it's good, and I know you can order their products online. I would assume that the Tropical Traditions is worth ordering too considering their reputation. I've never ordered from them personally because I have so many options for shopping locally, but people say their stuff is good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by texasblackrose View Post
    Anyone knwo a great place online to order this? I can only find shredded coconut in stores are my area and really wanna try this stuff! =)
    If you've some ambition to save some cash, you can MAKE your own with nothing more than an oven/dehydrator and a blender. I buy it shredded, take it home, spread it on a flat tray, and throw it in the oven under low heat (>175 degrees). You don't want to toast it, just dry it... then I load about 1 cup of dried shredded coconut into my blender at a time and run it until it becomes flour-like, usually under 5 minutes. Saves time on my end because I don;t have to track down a store locally with the flour in stock....
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    228 is awesome for ordering any food items ... $4.95 flat rate shipping no matter how much you order. They carry a number of different brands of coconut flour. has great prices on specialty foods, too, though I'm not sure if I've looked for coconut flour there -- they seem to have everything I've ever searched for, though!

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    Shop Now is where I get a lot of my stuff. I order a 2 pack of 54 oz coconut oil from them when ever I run out. I just looked up coconut flour ~ Bob's Red Mill brand - 4 16 oz packages for $24.88
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