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Thread: ammonia smell

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    ammonia smell

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    I smell ammonia on my person almost daily. I guess it is from my sweat because I cannot pinpoint 1 specific spot it's coming from, I smell it most often in the shower. My husband doesn't notice it on me. I've tried looking it up several times. there is very little info I can find. The only place that really addresses this issue is body building sites that say I am breaking down too much protein and not enough carbs. I also had this issue postpartum with my daughter (but I was eating SAD at that time). Anyone else? Anything I can do to remedy this? Am I breaking down muscle? Should I ^ carbs?
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    It means that you are eating a lot of protein and breaking that down, not that you're breaking down muscle tissue. It's normal. Don't worry about it. Eat more fat and it should ease off.
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    Do you drink coffee/caffeine? When I switched to decaf I noticed this smell went away quick. Experiment for a little and see if it works. If you don't drink anything caffeinated well then, I dunno. Google caffeine and body odor/ammonia smell and you will see I'm not the only one who thinks it helps!

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    I went through a spell of this when I first went Primal. It went away as my body adjusted, but in the mean time I did what Griff has suggested - I was more careful to not eat too much protein, aiming for slightly less than 2g / kg body weight, and more fat. I also made sure I was eating enough plant matter too, I tend to be not so good at getting that in, so maybe try get in some more veggies.
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