At the risk of sounding dumb, I'm interested in what would be the differences between low carb/paleo/primal and the logic behind the differences? I'm a low-carber but after making some dietary changes, I also think I fall into the paleo camp too - minus the sugar in my coffee of course . Typically, it seems that 'low carb' means 50oz steaks with a dozen eggs on the side with zero veggies and god forbid, no bread (how do we survive with no bread?)! The definitions I'm finding for paleo/primal vary from hunting down your own goat to eating whole foods . To me, all 3 ways of eating, as long as it's whole food, make perfect sense and there isn't a naysayer on earth who could convince me to include, er, 'healthy grains'. It's nice to have the science and studies to back up this way of eating but at the end of the day, it's common sense and how it should be. I mean, just why wouldn't you eat this way, which for me is low-carb paleo (I think, lol)?