I'm working on retooling my primal journey for a variety of reasons- I've gotten away from discipline for a variety of different reasons, and ultimately I fall into a pattern of eating junk, sugar, and other bad foods as a matter of emotion, stress, and convenience. So, to help me get back on track I've taken after Mark's list of top 10 foods and improved on it some to help me establish a solid base I can draw from and establish meals with. I'm looking for feedback on my choices, not much of a "Eat this instead or I like this better than that" response. Recipe suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!

Top 10 Fav Foods
1 - Eggs
2 - Bacon
3 - Dark Chocolate (help with sugar addiction)
4 - Almonds (especially cocoa roasted)
5 - Coconut Milk (great for smoothies)
6 - Almond Butter (awesome peanut butter replacement)
7 - Green Beans (more green than bean IMO)
8 - Chicken
9 - Beef (in all forms, steaks, roast, ground)
10 - Butter

Honorable Mentions
1 - Coconut Oil (like to cook with, eat with fruits)
2 - Broccoli (I'm a floret guy, hate the stalks, great stir fry veg)
3 - Tuna (My main choice for a salad)
4 - Salmon (Wild caught and grilled is best)
5 - Salad mixes (Different types of greens- I prefer these or ease of making a salad rather than a head of lettuce)
6 - Alcohol (Guiness or Red Wine I prefer)
7 - Whey Protien (Needed for smoothies)
8 - Peas (This includes snap peas)
9 - Carrots (Crunchy cold, or steamed)

Why Fruits aren't in the top 10
- I have a habit of eating more than I should, to compensate for lack of veges
- Some fruits are NOT good (bananas anyone, High GI)
- Most are seasonal and I'm looking to establish a good food base year round.

That said- here are a list of fav fruits:
1 - Grapefruit (ruby red is the best)
2 - Clementines (they peel real easily and 2 is often enough)
3 - Strawberries (they are great at any meal)
4 - Blackberries (I love popping the little berries inside my mouth)
5 - Blueberries
I do like bananas, but I don't think they have a place here as a staple.

Thanks again to this great community for your feedback and support.