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Thread: Um, the *other* Primal Diet?

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    Ohh ok.. thanks!

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    Raphael S - yeah, if you wanna try raw meat, find a good grass-fed source. Proper, fresh steak tatare (raw steak dish) is wonderful!

    Shine - cultural differences are, indeed interesting. I love pickled herring (my Danish background) and am quite happy eating deep-fried insects (having spent alot of time in Asia), but many would not like it. Alot of food is a developed taste

    Maba - I agree...I do think primal man scavenged where he could. If a kill was availible, would he pass it up? No, I think he&#39;d eat the kill. Was it rotting? Don&#39;t know...but I think it&#39;s possible he ate some partially-spoiled meat, altho&#39; I would imagine he preferred the fresh stuff. Personally, tho&#39; I&#39;m sticking to the fresh stuff.

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