Hello, I wanted to make a custom intro post for myself, as I feel like I have a lot to say! I'm 23, I'm lazy, and I always have been. I was underweight for my whole life up until this past winter, when I suddenly when from the 110-120lb range to 135 at 5'6"! I know this is not overweight, but I have never had any kind of strength, muscle, or exercise routine, and I want to feel healthy. Along with being lazy, I have struggled with anxiety and depression for the last 10 years. I was on medication for both for about 4 years, then stopped and felt better in many ways, but realzied I was still not handling my anxiety. I am now on Lexapro. It definitely helps, but I would love to find a way to teach my body to regular its chemistry on its own, if possible.

This seems like a really fun, and potentially easy (a word I LOVE) way to be healthy. All of the recipes I've seen have looked absolutely delicious, and I love the idea of eating more bacon and eggs (always been a meat-lover, though I did try vegetarianism for a while).

Favorite exercise: Swimming! I spend 20 min at the local gym a couple mornings a week. I have seen some fat come off, but have not seen a change on the scales. I know I am probably gaining muscle, but I am lazy so not seeing results is frustrating. I only started a few weeks ago though. I am NOT a morning person, so I don't really like to go more than a couple times a week, but I would like that to change as well (though showering at the gym SUCKS, the water is so cold). I hate, hate, hate gyms, and I'm awful at running (weak knees), but I would like to start running. It's just an ability that I think would be great to have.

Fears/anticipation: I think the hardest part of the transition for me is going to be groceries. I'm pretty limited to where I can store food right now, since I don't have a place of my own and any food I leave in the kitchen will get eaten by others in the house. I'm not a creative cook so I depend heavily on old stand-bys and easy recipes. I don't like to spend more than an hour preparing/making dinner! I know I'm going to have to plan out meals so I can get enough at the grocery store, but I'm worried about the affect on my grocery bill too.

I am also concerned because I live with my boyfriend right now, and don't know if he would be in on doing a paleo lifestyle with me. I think he would enjoy it, he certainly likes eating meat, but he's not terribly motivated to change anything since his body stays in the appearance of healthy/in shape no matter how badly he eats. He recently started swimming with me though.

I am VERY tempted to go with this expensive (for me anyway) jump start guides, since I have a hard time getting started with anything like this, but I'm not sure if that will be the best way for me. I don't want to worry about food, but I need to train myself to get to the point of not having to think about it! I want something sustainable, I want something that could work for the rest of my life!

If anyone has any experience with anxiety, depression, or converting to Paleo from a very lazy lifestyle/complete lack of knowledge of proper nutrition and exercise, I would love to hear from you! Hopefully I can do a lot of reading around here and decide whether I'm going to go with the Primal Leap Kit to get my started (I get paid tomorrow at least).