Dear Mark,

One or two years ago I heard that in the US claims are beeing raised that it is rather unhealthy to use plastic when microwaving food.

During the last month I was a little bit stunned about all the plastic used when preparing and handling food. Plastic is as I can recall mostly based on the same oil that is used to power our cars, and I think it is certain to say that gasoline is not the healthiest drink there is around. Is it a real danger to use plastic utensils when preparing food? I am thinking about the risk of having tiny piecese of plastic getting of the bowl when whisking my cream or to use plastic tools when frying a piece of meat where the temperature could (?) raise to levels where the plastic starts to melt?

Beeing better safe then sorry I have started to exchange my utensils for wood (as far as I can get) or steel/stone.