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Thread: Starting again

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    Starting again

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    Hi, I am Heather. I was once full Primal and very happy about it. What happened? I don't really recall. Infertility issues, an unsupportive husband, life? I think all of the above.

    Well, I have overcome the above issues. My DH is on board, I have a now 1 year old (and 6yo) and I ready to commit again.

    I have 2 issues/questions that bring me to the forums:

    I believe I am having Candida issues showing up in my skin and digestive tract. Will Primal be the answer?

    Also, I am breastfeeding and eat like a horse. Will I me able to go Primal all the way?

    I will go dig around, your 2 cents are worth much more to me!!

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    Glad to have you back on board!

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