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    Chicken, Spinach, Feta Quiche-Crock Pot Version (higher protein)

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    I'm looking out higher protein recipes for those of us doing the leptin protocol.

    Spinach, Chicken, Feta Quiche-crock pot version (Very good cold, too)

    Serves 8=31g protein per

    1 lb ground chicken
    10oz package of frozen spinach or cooked fresh-squeezed dry
    6oz feta cheese, crumbled @1 c
    1/3c fresh dill or parsley
    2T onion flakes, or 1/4c fresh onion chopped
    6 large eggs
    6oz cream
    t salt
    t pepper

    Butter 5-6qt crock pot, set to low.
    Combine chicken, spinach, feta, dill, and onion; stir until well blended.
    Whisk eggs, cream, salt and pepper; add to chicken mixture, pour into crock.

    Cook on low for 6 hours. Remove crock from pot to cool a bit, cut in wedges.

    For oven, use a 5-6qt casserole, cook at 350F for 35-45 minutes, or until knife comes out clean from center.

    (adapted from Family Circle May 2011)
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    Ooh, that sounds good!
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    Now that sounds yummy! I'll have to add ground chicken and feta to my shopping list.
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    ooh i'd eat that! gonna try it for sure.

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