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Thread: Operation: Baby or Bod by 2012

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    Operation: Baby or Bod by 2012

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    Should probably be called Baby and/or Bod, but meh.... sounds better with just the or hehe

    My husband and I started our Paleo/Primal journies in early March of this year.
    I started off at 211 (I'm only 5'2"), and he started off at 235.
    By the end of our first 30 days doing a strict paleo diet.... him exercising, me not so much.
    I lost 9lbs (202), and he lost 13 (222).
    Boy we felt fantastic! FINALLY something that was working with almost no effort!
    Sure we still craved some bad foods, and after the 30 days, our weekends turned in to free-for-all days, but even sticking to a not so strict eating style, we're still managing to lose weight. Not as much as before, but it's slowly coming off.

    After a recent event occured, which I'll get in to in a moment, I just got fed up with my still unhealthy body and decided enough is enough.
    By the end of this year, if I am not pregnant by then, then I am going to look damn good b/c I will be at or close to my ultimate goal weight.
    What that goal weight is though I'm not sure. I am short, but do not possess a petite frame. Could range anywhere from 120-140... we'll see though
    I'm currently sitting at 197lbs, so it's a good bit I still need to lose, but I am just SO ready to do it. It feels right, just like when I discovered paleo/primal.

    So about the Baby part.
    We're struggling with infertility b/c of my body. This coming October will mark our 3 year anniversary, wedding and of trying to concieve.
    I have PCOS, I don't ovulate on my own, I'm insulin resistant, AND I have hypothyroidism (which is under control now though thankfully).
    We're currently doing fertility treatments (just the meds since that's all we can afford with our insurance) and have gotten pregnant 3 times so far, but each time, my body just seems to refuse to carry a baby and I lose them early.
    It's devastating and after going through my 3rd, most painful miscarriage, that's when I set this end of the year goal for myself.
    Will losng weight solve every issue my body has? Probably not, but staying at my current weight and overall fitness level sure isn't helping anything either.

    So here I am. Almost ready to go. We just got back from a 2 week long vacation (that I gained nothing on, MUAHAHA), so we're still winding down from that.
    We still need to go grocery shopping and my poor feet and back need to heal up. My feet from the awful blisters I got from all of the walking we did, and my back from... I have no idea.
    Just one of those lovely "getting old" aches I guess? lol

    I'll update this as often as I remember to with all of my struggles, achievements, and whatever else I can come up with.
    I MAY post before and after photos down the road, but I'm super shy... so yeah... we'll see lol

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    Welcome! And good luck!
    Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

    Jan. 1, 2011: 186.6 lbs PBSW Mar. 1, 2011: 175.8 lbs
    CW: 146.8 lbs
    GW 140 lbs
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    Finally remembered that I have a journal here lol.
    So tomorrow is the big start day and I'm totally looking forward to it!
    Well no, not all of it.
    Honestly, I hate exercising and am dreading that part the most. BUT I'm totally looking forward to the benefits that it will bring me.
    Plus... I think I may have just ovulated on my own 2 cycles in a row now which is just.... unheard of for myself! lol
    Not sure if maybe the last loss kick started something or maybe FINALLY my body is benefiting from the weight lost so far, but WOO!

    So looking forward to losing weight again and eating right! I'll either have my nice hot new sexy body next summer... strutting around in a bikini, or I'll be a momma!
    One of those WILL be a reality for me

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    I'm such a slacker with posting.

    My husband and I have decided to do another strict 30 days.
    For some reason, we're really struggling to get back to it after our vacation.
    We're not stuffing out faces with cake and whatnot, but we are having little cheats here and there, and really struggling to resist cravings.
    Not sure why it's so difficult. Meh.... I think going strict again will help to get us back in to the swing of it. Would also be nice to lose another 12lbs hopefully in the month lol.

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    So today, I am forcing myself to exercise. I'm so out of shape that it's not going to be anything intense, but we all have to start from somewhere right?
    Getting strict with our eating has been a slow process. It's coming along though and we're doing much better now than we were before.

    I am struggling with wanting to snack ALL the time right now. I had this problem when we first started. I always felt hungry and unsatisfied. I think it was when my body was trying to get used to burning fat instead of burning carbs/sugar.
    I didn't take too long to feel fuller longer so hoping that will happen quickly again.

    As of Friday, my weight was 194. Yay
    I'm sure my weight is going to be fluctuating quite a bit b/c of bloating right now, but hopefully it will just keep going down down down. I want to get as far away from the 200's as I can!

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    YAY! I finally did it!
    I finally exercised! lol
    I know it's not such a big achievement for most, but BOY am I lazy and I enjoy being lazy!
    I hate exercising. I mean there's really no way to sugarcoat that. I hate it. I hate sweating, I hate straining my body.
    As I said earlier, I knew that I would need to force myself to do it if it's ever going to get done.
    It took all morning and early afternoon, but I finally, SLOWLY got going.

    I took it slow and I feel so great now that it's actually done and over with lol.

    I did 30min on the treadmill. I'm a slow walker, so going at a speed of 2 seems like a brisk walk to me which is where I stayed most of the 30mins.
    I also went up to 4 which was a jog for myself. I did that twice, but could only last about 40seconds each time. BLEH. Hoping that will get better as I keep going.

    I also did about 30 squats after, about 10 wall pushups and 10 incline jackknife presses.

    It's certainly not a whole lot, but I'm still very happy that I finally did it.
    Now I just need to keep pushing myself to do it and continue doing it.

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    Oh and I took my measurements today. Last time I did was in March.
    I've gone down inches, but I'm just angry at myself b/c I know the results today could've been a lot better.

    First number is from March, 2nd is today

    Bust: 42.25 - 41
    Underbust: 37.5 - 37
    Top Stomach (above waist): 39.5 - 38.5
    Waist: 38 - 36.75
    Pooch (below waist): 43.5 - 41.25
    Hips: 43.25 - 42.25
    R Thigh: 26 - 24.5
    L Thigh: 26.5 - 24.25
    R Upper Arm: 17 - 15.75
    L Upper Arm: 16.5 - 15

    Total: 330 - 316.25

    My midsection is shaped weird. Picture a woman standing up and you're looking at her profile. From under the bust to the groin, it's shaped like an uppercase B.
    My stomach bulges out over the waist, goes in at the waist, then bulges back out under it in an ugly gross pooch... like a fanny pack that I can't detach lol.

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    ^That doesn't sound weird, you just have a really defined natural waist!

    I've found that it's helpful to figure out how much I can push myself as I continue to try to follow a Primal path in eating/living. I decided to take out grains and sugars immediately, but it may be easier/less stressful to do things a little slower.

    High-five from a fellow lazy person! Walking is the most I've been doing recently, and not much. I also hate getting sweaty, but just MOVING is one of the primal blueprint principles, and walking is moving!

    Also I imagine that losing weight, getting rid of processed foods and getting meat from grass-fed sources whenever possible will help with a lot of your health issues (local meat would have less preservatives and hormones etc., less likely to interfere with your cycle).

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    I eventually want us to buy some grassfed beef, but it's SO damn expensive!
    B/c of the expensive fertility treatments we have to do, going with cheaper meats will have to work for us.
    Just another reason why I hope my body decides to continue ovulating on its own. If it does, then we may not need the expensive fertility meds any longer and can spend that money on other things

    YAY though! I'm glad I'm not the only lazy primal person out there! rofl
    Hopefully the little bit of exercise we're doing is enough to help us

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    Every little bit helps, right? I'm going swimming tomorrow! Finally! You have any exercise plans?
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