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Thread: Ginseng - any ideas about this?

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    Ginseng - any ideas about this?

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    I have just been given some ginseng / oolong tea. 95 % oolong tea, 5% powdered ginseng. It tastes quite gross! Does the ginseng confer any real benefits? I'm fairly sure I can get used to it - and as I hate waste, I shall drink it - but I'd like to feel that it was at least good for me!

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    Yeah Ginseng and Oolong... not quite the combo I would see as good tasting. Either alone is fine with me though.
    As for Ginseng it depends on who you believe. I say eat it, chew it as gum, drink it put the root in Vodka and let it sit for a couple months then drink the result! MMMMM

    It is an aphrodisiac, suposedly good for sex, but a healthy benefit either way. Like I say who do you believe. I have included it in my regimen for years
    as a tea from the dried ground powder of the root, which I got in Korea. I also now use the oil concentrate for tea. It has a "dirty" taste but I sort of like it, add honey to the tea..much better! Just be careful of the quality, like anything else some are good other are bad.

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    Actually, my local tea shop I frequent has a DELICIOUS oolong - ginseng tea.

    But they use actual chunks of freshly dried ginseng, not powdered stuff. Part of the problem is that the powdered ginseng might not exactly be the freshest. Also, there is such a wide variety of flavors from the various oolong teas that it is possible they didn't choose one that properly compliments the flavor of the ginseng. I'd use a darker oolong myself, which is what they use at my local tea shop.

    Ginseng has been used to help men with their erections in traditional Chinese medicine actually. There's even a study or two that has show this to be fairly effective.

    It is also has been called an "adaptogen." That means it works to help the body cope with stressful situations and re-regulate energy levels. Some people say they feel more energetic when taking ginseng.

    There are two forms of ginseng as well. There is panax (Asian) ginseng and there is American ginseng. The Chinese obviously would have used the Panax Ginseng in their tea mixes, so if your tea uses American, that might change the flavor a bit to the bad side.

    By the way, there is an herb called "Siberian Ginseng," but it's actually not in the ginseng family. It has its uses, but don't be fooled into calling it ginseng.

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    used to drink ginseng tea all the time, def helped me to relax
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    Quote Originally Posted by breadsauce View Post
    Does the ginseng confer any real benefits?
    There's some information here.
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    i'm taking what's called "female ginseng" -- dong quai in chinese. have been taking it almost 2 months, and i started taking it for female hormone imbalances. besides really alleviating some terrible symptoms of that, my hair is growing in lush and thick, with much less gray. i am losing weight after nearly a year of gaining and being stuck. and my sex drive is through the roof!!!

    i can't say enough good about it and my expectations were that it would be a bottle of worthless snake oil.
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    Today, a variety of ginseng is used in the treatment of different kinds of ailments and conditions. Though they are related to one another, each of the variants has varying degrees of effectiveness.
    Siberian ginseng, which is scientifically known as Eleutherococcus senticosus, is widely recognized across the globe as an excellent alternative treatment for hair loss and hair thinning problems.

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