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    I was wondering if any one has this problem. I have cold hands and feet. I have been check for a circulation problem, and was fine. I was wondering if this could be a nerve problem, and if so, what could I take to help?

    I currently have a problem taking a multiple vitamin. When I take them after a meal, I tend to get sick about 20 minutes later. I have took many different kinds and they all seem to do the same thing. Please help!!!

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    I have the same problem with multivitamins. They make me nauseated every time and I have tried many over the years including no iron. I just take fish oil and Vitamins D3 and B12 now with no problems.

    Before I went gluten-free about 18 months ago, I always had cold hands and feet. It is one of the multitude of things that went away when I went gluten-free. Removing other grains has only improved things even more, even though I occasionally have some rice or corn (very infrequently). Have you removed all grains from your diet?

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