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Thread: How often do you get to spread the word about Primal?

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    How often do you get to spread the word about Primal?

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    I work in a hospital. While I'm entirely forbidden to advise anyone about what to do concerning their health, I do my best to steer conversations toward what has been effective for myself. At least twice a day I get to tell someone new about the Primal lifestyle. How about you? When was the last time you bumped into someone and got to share what we have learned here?

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    A lot of my friends from highschool are home from college for the summer and trying to lose weight, and many have noticed that I look a little thinner.I have managed to convince a few to order plain tea instead of tea lattes and give up grains and eat more bacon and avocados.

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    I saw my podiatrist recently and he asked me what I was doing since my weight has improved, and he said I had a "healthy glow, youthful even" (I'm in my sixties), so I told him briefly. He seemed interested, but we didn't go into a lot of detail since he has a busy practice.
    It seems someone asks me fairly regularly what I'm doing; but I don't go out of my way to bring it up or make it a talking point.
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    I don't really "go forth and spread the good news", but I did tell someone who mentioned that I looked leaner. But other than that, not much, if at all.

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