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    I wonder . . .

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    . . . how frequently Mark actually uses the questions and suggestions here for posts on MDA.

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    I am a big fan of Entourage dvds for sale, but I have to admit, all the large living room and blowing cash, while on the bed every girl in town gets old after a while. That life is really all the time? Let's face it, people can not handle or stomach, sometimes true. This season has more truth in the reality of things. Celebrities are constantly re-hab and nightclubs around with the wrong people. These are people who have problems like everyone else. Vince has been protected by his entourage of boys constant. Stiker is logical that when finally on their own, of course, will fall, he's not had a challenge in your life, your environment handled all the "problems to date." (Remember the first 6 seasons, guys?) For people who think this season sucks, go turn in a fairy tale that will give you the longing for a happy ending.

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