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Thread: Skin Issues

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    Skin Issues

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    It seems for the past two weeks my skin has been doing something rather odd: I'm finding random scabs all over my skin and I'm completely bewildered as to where I got them. They're just popping up all over the place: three on my arms, two on my hands, three on my feet, four on my legs, one on my back, and two on my face. I haven't been scratching at them (except this very itchy one on my knee; I think that one is just a bug bite.) and they don't look infected or anything. Just random scabs that I don't think are caused my skin trauma. Anyone have any idea what they are?

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    Mites perhaps?
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    I'd check for mites. I had bird mites once: found them because of tiny bites and random tickles (very gross, once I realized the cause. eew.)
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