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Thread: Moon Cycling

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    Moon Cycling

    I mentioned this briefly on the leptin thread, so for those interested here are the details:

    Benefits: Getting your monthly cycle in sync with the moon can dramatically reduce or eliminate pms, cramping, breast tenderness, quantity of blood loss and length of cycle.

    The ideal is to begin your menstration on or very near to New Moon and ovulate at Full Moon.

    Protocol: Go to bed at a decent our and sleep in complete darkness. No little led lights, street lights etc. Block the windows if you need and try putting electrical tape over little electronic lights. On the day before, of, and after full moon sleep with a nightlight on. If you live in the country without any light pollution you can just sleep with the curtains open freely all month, but keep out all artificial light.

    Seeds and Oils: from New Moon to Full Moon take 1 T. of sunflower seeds daily and 1 T. of cod-liver oil daily. From Full Moon to New Moon take 1 T. pumpkin seeds and 2 caps Borage Oil daily. If you normally take cod-liver oil daily, continue it during the full to new moon stage as well. Optional, but helpful if it agrees with you, is to also take 1 T. of freshly ground flax seeds all month long.

    Results: This protocol has taken me from having an irregular cycle with 8 day periods of very heavy flow and strong cramps, breast tenderness, irritable to regular, 24-30 hour period with blood loss of only about 2 T. total, no pms symptoms, no cramps, no change in mood, no breast tenderness. The light protocol is the most important aspect I think. If I get off by staying up too late for a week or DH is up with the tv on or reading with the light on, it will get me off cycle again. It can take several months to get back. I find that if you're doing things right then my cycle seems to jump forward each month trying to get back onto new moon (like it will start about a week late every month until back at new moon again).

    The light portion of this program I got from Lunaception (google it) and the seed and oil cycling was something I learned from my naturopath.
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