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Thread: Moon Cycling

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    I'm just chuckling at the thought of a whole bunch of women with PMT (PMS) all at the same time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diana Renata View Post
    From a spiritual/Pagan perspective: Women Who bleed with the moon

    I have been planning to align myself with the moon when I finally go off birth control.
    I have experienced the effects of the moon first hand... I went into Labor w/my son on a full moon. my contractions were the strongest at the highest point. For the longest time we used the Moon - as our time piece. Some cultures and religions still do. The Jewish, Christian and Muslim religious festivals all follow the lunar calendar. Most earth religions follow both the sun and the moon, within their worship, with women identified with the moon, and men as the sun. When you look at the moon - there are 4 phases, - one phase for each phase of a womans life - maid (new moon), mother (waxing moon - full moon), queen/enchantress (full moon - waning moon) and crone (old moon). these phases also can describe a woman's cycles.

    I've found when doing rituals - they have a greater effect w/my cycle coincides with the phase I'm in. I think there are times when the moon cycle will identify with the phase. I've always identified with the crone - specifically callieach and for me it make sense to me that I O on or around the dark moon b/c of that...

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    I noticed that my cramps went away when I went primal and stopped taking the pill. Around the same time, I also started darkening my room at night. I put up blackout shades and got a sleep mask. I haven't really been keeping track of when my period is but looking at the calendar, my last one did happen during the new moon. Painless as always but shorter than usual. Only one day of any real flow. I'll have to keep track to see if I stay with the moon.

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    This op made me check my cycles; I seem to have been cycling towards new moon since I went primal, but that could be becasue my cycle is shorter than the moon's.

    However, what I have noticed is the complete lack of PMS or any kind of physical sign that I am premenstral since I went primal, but, moreover, I have seriously noticed that my periods have got a lot shorter -- they only last three days now (they used to last five) and the old discomfort has gone completely -- and I have an odd feeling that they may get shorter still (no idea why, it is just a feeling I get).

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    Why do I have to force this to happen? I mean why doesn't it just happen naturally?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mozzy10 View Post
    Why do I have to force this to happen? I mean why doesn't it just happen naturally?
    I think because we have so much modern stuff going on that confuses our bodies, especially light-wise (damn that streetlight right outside my bedroom window!)
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    It would probably happen naturally if you lived away from light pollution and didn't use any lights after sunset. I have had success with using only light control but it had to be perfect to keep me on cycle. If I stayed up too late a few nights a month I would lose it.

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    wow... i have wondered about this forever, glad i read the thread!! i am 100% of the opinion everything from the tides, to the sun position, to the moon and its phases and definitely the seasons all play a role bigger than primal eating will ever play in our lives. theres just to much that makes sense and innerconnects. a huge reading for me now is about the sun and hormones as well as the human ability to read on our brain and where priorities are in the body which goes hand in with room lighting...oh its ssoooooo interetsing!!

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    Mal, I'd be way interested to learn more about your findings about the sun and hormones etc... Feel free to share more here or share some links about this topic!!
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    mine shifts, which is another variation on normal (using lunaception practices, which are similar) from new to full moon (for menstuation) and then back to new, then back to full, cycling through month to month and traversing right along. and it's done this for years and it's quite nice really. great 27-29 day cycles. the two day difference is what creates the travel between new and full moons.

    never really had any issues with my period though. well, actually, broken luteal phase from menarche to age 29 or so, after two years of fertility charting and tinkering with diet, movement, and lifestyle to increase thyroid production. now, everything like clockwork -- just beautiful. still traversed, btw, but had brown spotting before/after menses. I don't any more. I haven't for 6 years (though, admittedly, 24 months was spent pregnant and post-partum without menses).

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