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Thread: Rooibos Tea - What of it?

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    Rooibos Tea - What of it?

    I like Red Bush....commonly known as Rooibos Tea, a rather nice tasting hot drink. I am not a die hard fan of other teas (other than pre-primal milk & black tea, e.g. The cuppa (tm) ) . But Rooibos is rather pleasing.

    I was wondering how many other people drink it, and what are some good health benefits that come with it? I heard it was great for immunity!

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    It's quite high in antioxidants and makes a good substitute for tea for those who can't or don't consume actual tea. My partner is allergic to real tea, and rooibos makes a fairly good substitute for making things like chai, iced tea, and other black tea beverages.
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    I believe it's naturally uncaffeinated. Tastes good as well.

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    That is what I drink all week, I really like the taste. I drink the regular kind or the vanilla, both have a great taste. I don't know what health benefits it provides, I just use it in place of coffee.

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    I drink it on occasion. I bought a bunch to try and replace all caffeine but I end up just drinking black or green tea and coffee instead
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    I drink it almost every evening. Can't say I can give a laundry list of benefits I've gotten, but it hasn't killed me!

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    I don't have a list of benefits either, but it's darn yummy and I feel good after I drink it. That's enough for me.
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    I started drinking it over a year ago when I was in South Africa on vacation and caught a cold. Several pots of Rooibos tea and a 1.5 days later, my cold was gone. I have been drinking it ever since. Not so much as a sniffle.

    It is also a good alternative for people looking to decaffeinate. It has a robust, nutty flavor (unlike most herbal teas that are either fruity or flowery) that keeps this reformed coffee drinker happy.

    I really like kombucha and am going to try brewing some using rooibos. Has anyone out there done this?

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    I like it, but not all brands are equal. I wonder what Paleobird likes since she's had the real thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Digby View Post
    I like it, but not all brands are equal. I wonder what Paleobird likes since she's had the real thing.
    Well, IMHO, rooibos tastes great just as is but a lot of tea companies try to sell you rooibos blends with lavender flowers, orange peel, vanilla, (and some brands sneak in some fake sweeteners). I buy mine from The Tea If you buy 2 one lb packages, the shipping is free.

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