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    I just had a baby 2 weeks ago and well remember the periods of starving to death but also period of little appetite. I tried to keep the carbs to the better option as I just craved more- however I have to agree w/ the pp it is nothing compared to my appetite nursing! It is driving me nuts!

    On the breech baby are you familiar w/ external version? some chiropractors are also trained in the Webster technique which can help turn breech babies. Also, check out for info on exercises you can do to encourage optimal positioning, often postures and positions woman choose in pregnancy can encourage poor positioning. I am super paranoid about this myself- I have had 3 babies it seems if I remember correctly that none of them decided to stay in head down position until sometime in the last bit.

    I do agree about not stressing, but also think it is good to be proactive and find your options out. Personally, I would shop around for a mw to see if any are experienced in breech deliveries and go that route out of pocket if need be.

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    Yes, as soror said, there are several natural ways to get the baby to turn. Women have been doing this for millennia.

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    I don't like the idea of "starving" while pregnant...

    Make sure your getting everything you need, and then a little more.

    Heres an excellent free e-book I would read...

    "The training of the human plant" Luther Burbank

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