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    I Want...

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    I want a cookie. I am at work and stressed over a deadline and to celebrate the 4th they brought in cake and cookies. The cake is no big thing - I never liked cake. But cookies? They are my weakness..and they are like 5 feet away.

    Sigh. This isn't easy right now.
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    When you get home make these. Happy 4th!

    Gluten Free Cookie Recipes

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    Try to have a little discipline. I went to my neighbors house and he had a big plate of super yummy pastry another neighbor had made. It looked SOO
    good, smelled good - I took a TINY pinch with my two fingers and ate that. I didn't take anymore even tho i super wanted to. Then the next day he
    had me run in the house to get him another beer and in the fridge i saw that pastry again.....i didn't take hard to do!!

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    I bow to your superior will power. I have none. ZERO. It's super bad. I think I'm getting better though. It does affect how I feel and I'm focusing more on that now.

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