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Thread: How do you explain IF to loved ones

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    I don't mean to sound argumentative, but I have to ask:

    why the worry about what others thing re: IF?

    That gets thrown around a lot like it's sort of sacred-something.

    When what it really boils down is just choosing not to eat...for however long.

    Some people eat 6+ times a day. Some people eat 3x a day. Some people eat 2x day...skipping breakfast or lunch..whatever.

    Hell, I generally eat 3-5 times a day, but 2 days this week I was tied up on a job and ate only once (for convenience sake) both days.

    Just do what you do. No reason to get hung up on 'labels'.

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    Mr B:

    I think some people are so ingrained in the CW that when they see us not eating, they assume the worst. My wife is primal as well, but even between the two of us, there is sometimes some concern about my choosing not to eat.

    I think it must be like learning something in school that you all of a sudden find out wasn't true at all, despite you'd been told it was for years and years. I can't get my third grade nutrition training out of my head. It encouraged "4:4:3:2" servings from the major food groups for optimal health--had a song, film series...the whole works. It was very convincing and very catchy. And it was wrong.

    My third grade teacher would be SO disappointed that I'm primal.

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