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Thread: Combining Sprint and LHT

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    Combining Sprint and LHT

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    Just a quick question - I like to have three LHT days a week but I also don't want to work out more than I need to. As a result, I've started combining my sprint day with one of my LHT days. What this means is that I do a short, high intensity workout (usually crossfit) and count that as both. Is this diminishing the effectiveness of the sprint workout? I figured going all out is going all out but maybe I'm wrong. Should I isolate the sprint or do you think combining is ok? Thanks!
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    A couple of days ago I did a totally random workout. It was a sprint workout but I rarely sprinted. I would jump as high as I could a few times and then do some squats. Then 20 jumping jacks. Then I would hop like a Toad and then a bunny. I shuffled my feet like a defensive drill in bball. I would act like I am jump roping. I would do random things like this for a minute or whenever I was exhausted and then take about a 30 second to 1 minute break.

    I did this 4 times and loved it. I'll be videotaping these as I think it will inspire people to look at exercise in a different way.

    Do what you think is best. There are going to be dozens who will give you the thumbs up an there will be dozens who will give you the thumb down.

    I always go intense for my LHT workouts. They are always short and intense. I continue to maintain my weight while looking more and more fit. It's awesome.
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