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Thread: Primal/paleo is really getting out there

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    Primal/paleo is really getting out there

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    On a private torrent tracker I visit, someone just uploaded a copy of Robb Wolf's "The Paleo Solution".

    You know something is popular when people start torrenting it.

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    You can find pretty much anything on the bigger trackers, though.
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    You know what's funny? I was introduced to MDA from a post on 4chan. And lately it seems the best way to start a heated discussion on /ck/ or /fit/ is to bring up paleo/keto.

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    The local library had "The Primal Blueprint" when I last visited. Didn't check it out since I already have two copies. They also have GCBC which I have checked out a few time. Not one I want to buy but good to re-read parts occasionally. No other Paleo/Primal books, though they do have several Atkins books.
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