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Thread: good primal snacks?when u just cant stop eating lol

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    good primal snacks?when u just cant stop eating lol

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    my brain is messed up...i have this intense urge to eat ALLL THE TIME! i already eat 5 meals a day they arent huge portions but still good solid amounts of protein and fat at each meal and physically im full but mentally i feel this need to eat more and more its ridiculous...i think it might be because ive always been really skinny and for years ive forced myself to eat and eat and now since ive made these huge changes to my diet going primal its been really tough i cant really snack on anything..just so everyone knows i cant eat nuts i have intestinal issues still healing up and when i eat nuts i bloat like mad and i see it all in the toilet loll is there any primal snacks that are good for nutrition and also as a good boost for training? i suppose this is kind of 2 questions in one cuz i dont know what to do to stop being so mentally hungry!

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    I get "mentally hungry" when I am bored. I have to stop and remind myself that I am not really hungry, just bored. It can be hard sometimes.
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    i'm sometimes like this, too - emotional eating and i go way back, and it's taken a LONG time for me to figure out true hunger vs. emotional hunger. starting primal was totally a mental battle for me because even though i was feeling full and happy, it took awhile to get over feeling "deprived" because i couldn't eat certain foods. it eventually got easier, but it did take awhile.

    anyway, to answer your snack question...jerkey is good if you can find a good brand. i also do liver pate (or tuna salad, egg salad, etc.) and eat it with celery or as a lettuce wrap...TONS of nutrition packed in there, and i find you can only eat so much before you're satisfied. stephen from whole health source has a good pate recipe that doesn't taste too "liver-y" if that bothers you.

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    I drink water for this. Seriously, I drink until I'm bloated and I'll do it again five minutes later. Some days I'm truly not hungry for hours on end, but other days when I'm stressed or bored I just seek intestinal stimulation. Water does it without much harm. My kidneys might be a little on edge but they haven't told me so yet!

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    How long have you been primal? If the answer is less than a month, keep giving your body what it needs.

    However, you admit this is a mental problem, not a physical one. Shift your mental habits towards eating. You need to do this.

    A 24-hour fast might be what you need (it worked for me) to lessen your dependence on snacking and teach you the difference between physically hungry and mentally hungry.

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    Stuff yourself with protein at breakfast.

    Snacking is not good. Messes with leptin and insulin. You should be able to eat no more than three meals per day and be perfectly comfortable between
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    I agree that you need to get the snacking cut down as much as possible, meals are a much better idea! However, when you DO need snacks, Mark did a massive rundown of good options here in a blog post.

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    I get mentally hungry too, especially if I'm just sitting at the computer (doubly so if I'm doing homework!). I make sure I eat a big, filling breakfast, and try to have some eggs pre-boiled so I can grab those if I get the urge. Much better than the bread that's still in the house... at least if there are eggs available, I'll jump for those first!

    I also make sure to drink lots of water, and if nothing else is working, I'll just grab a handful of nuts - the key, though, is to leave the bag in the kitchen... I gotta get the motivation to walk all the way over there first before I get more!

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    Jerky when you have the "nibbles" or hard boiled eggs. Or thin sliced flank steak cooked crisp in coconut oil, use this to scoop up fresh guacamole. Nibble on bacon, or hard cheese...I really get the "crunchy" cravings if I have beer, so clearly I avoid, unless it's an all out "F*ck it" moment!
    Do NOT try to fast until you are satiated after each meal. I used to fast when I was mostly "veg" and it was brutal, blood sugar swings,, I eat until I am full, and then will not eat until I am hungry..truly hungry, not shaky or "need to eat now hungry"...truly tummy empty, digestion happy hungry. (HUGE DIFFERENCE!) I trust my body's signals these days (for the most part, sometimes I eat shit because I WANT to) but I have broken free of the "schedule". Feels great to eat 2500 cals..and not eat for 24-36 hours until I really want (need to) to again. Or to break it up into smaller meals throughout the day..Grok ate what he could, WHEN he could, and our metabolisms are messed up because we have "scheduled" feeding times, which were obviously, historically opportunistic. Sorry for the randomness, it's 2 am on the east coast and my hubby's laptop sucks! LOL

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    I come from a similar background. Used to be skinny, ate lots of carbs all day, every day. Also got intestinal inflammations from eating birdseed all my life. I would be used to eating all the time.
    Then I noticed that I kept doing it (eating all day) on the primal diet and someone said eating three meals a day is better.
    So I stopped and just stuck with 3 big meals a day. There is no magic trick. You just stop it and stick to three meals.
    Keep the saturated fat and mono unsaturated fats up for your energy needs. Your body will heal and adjust.
    If you really need something. Drink a glass of herb thee or a small piece of fat (butter, coconut, olives) and keep it at that.

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