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Thread: good primal snacks?when u just cant stop eating lol

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    I'm fasting daily, from Monday to Friday. When the weekend comes, the social gatherings put their pressure and everything changes, at least for me: starting with breakfasts, snacks, etc. Once I ate a snack, I want to snack all day. Quite the opposite with the fasting: it is quite easy to fast 12-14 hours from midnight to lunch, and if I resist the REAL hunger that comes after that, I just cruise to the dinner at 7-8 PM and the results are there. So give it a try.

    Somehow I think it's like the addictive substances (smoking, drinking, etc.) - once started (snacking/eating), it's hard to stop if there's food around.

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    I had continual hunger issues, the way I found to solve it was to eat on a condensed window (4 hours) for a while. At first it is hard but you adapt.

    Another way is to eat only blandly prepared food, so you know your eating for calories and not for pleasure.

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    well the thing is ive already fasted for 5 days once because i developed alot of intestinal inflammation so i know i can handle not eating! but the moment i do eat its like a burning need in my brain haha i do also eat alot but its every 3 and a half hours about if i would only eat 3 meals i think id go ape shit im usually up at 6:30-7am and bed at 10 thats 15 hrs to eat only once every 5 hrs would be tantamount to commiting suicide in my mind lol i dont want to fast ive never had a weight issue ive always been really UNDERWEIGHT(ya im a rare breed on here) lol so unless i have some point like healing my tummy i feel no need to fast i dont want to lose more weight

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    well, I actually do snack a lot since I'm home for the summer right now. I am also skinny, but if I know that I already got a good amount of fat, protein, calories and I just want to munch on stuff I eat raw veggies. I eat A LOT of veggies, mostly: cauliflower, brocolli and mushrooms, all with the "Land o' Lakes" Seasonings, such as the butter flavor, white cheddar, and sour cream and union. it's AWESOME haha. you can find the flavoring in the spice isle or with the popcorn

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    I go for dry roasted almonds or pistachios.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MetalMayhem View Post
    all with the "Land o' Lakes" Seasonings, such as the butter flavor, white cheddar, and sour cream and union. it's AWESOME haha. you can find the flavoring in the spice isle or with the popcorn
    Ick. Fake butter and fake cheese flavoring? Double ick.

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    I think snacking is honestly not that bad if you don't have a lot of insulin issues. You already get a fast naturally while you're sleeping so I don't see a huge problem with eating throughout the day, though in theory I do think meals are better. If you have a fast metabolism, I don't think IF should be something you stress about overmuch.

    I like cans of tuna with a bit of mustard mixed in--easy to keep anywhere--and canned salmon, skin and bones and all, is fast becoming a favorite as well. Avocados are my favorite plant to snack on, and I do eat some fruit every now and then (though non-berries typically don't digest super-well for me anymore). Shredded coconut is great to mix in with random's got a nice texture and taste. I actually mixed it with canned butternut squash for a dessert and it was great. I love love pickles and sauerkraut and olives so I snack on those when I'm at home. I do nuts but you say those don't work for you. Love cheese, when you need something with some substance to tide you over, or yogurt. And I keep unsweetened chocolate at work and sometimes make "candies" out of it at home with coconut and cinnamon...probably overindulge on those, because they never last too long

    The distinction between physical and emotional hunger is a very important one, but if you're seriously HUNGRY often during the day, and you know it's not due to carb cravings or unhealthy compulsion, then I'd say just trust your body and go with it. If you're snacking on healthy food I don't think there's a lot of bad that could happen.

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    Same as this. As I do it more, it gets easier. Now when I want a handful of nuts or some chocolate, I just look at it and say to myself... really?

    Quote Originally Posted by ludo View Post
    I get "mentally hungry" when I am bored. I have to stop and remind myself that I am not really hungry, just bored. It can be hard sometimes.
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    My own body fat works pretty good. It's free and I have it on hand 100% of the time...

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    I'm new here about 2 wks. Did some Atkins before this. Only need to lose ten lbs. The carb cravings went away. Some days i can go many hours
    without eating - just not hungry. I guess it's true the fat and protein fill me up. But what i snack on is peanut butter only like 2-4 tbs a day. I also
    mix in coconut and sometimes one tiny piece of date for each spoonful. It fills me up fast., and i don't have any cravings. One day i weigh 122.4 and
    the next i am at 121.6, and then up and down again! I can't seem to get to 120, but it's probably cuz i snack on peanut butter. I'm happy with the
    Primal way of life, but had to throw bran in my salads cuz it was messing up my regularity. I never had a problem before, but the bran works good.

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