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    So recently I've been buying the cheaper cuts of grass-fed beef and while I usually use the crock pot in order to soften it up yesterday I had no time for that and just fried some "stew meat" in the skillet, leaving the inside mostly rare. I thought this would help with the toughness of it but alas some pieces are just so chewy and tough that I have to cut them into small pieces in order to get them down.

    So here's my question: Is this tough meat still worth eating (and still equally beneficial nutritionally)? Are there any potential problems with eating particularly tough meat or does our stomach acid just take care of it in the long run?

    Also, if anyone has any advice on making things like shoulder roasts and short ribs more tender without hours of cooking I would greatly interested in that information as well.

    Thanks so much guys.

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    I marinate my tough cuts in vinegar for about 10-15 minutes before cooking. Don't marinate the meat for too long though - it'll actually make it tougher!

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    I definitely agree about marinating! Citrus works too!

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    but any meat can be ground in either food processor or grinder...

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    I totally agree with gn - if it's too tough put it through a grinder and you can make mean kebabs from tougher cuts.

    I use this method a lot for wild game whose meat is generally even tougher than beef.

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    There are a couple of books I want to buy from Amazon on cooking wild game. Since grass-fed beef can be considered somewhat similar due to toughness of the meat, I think you can find a lot of great tips in those books.

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    I have a copy of "Tender Grassfed Meat: Traditional Ways to Cook Healthy Meat". I have tried the Bison/Buffalo roast with bluberry recipe and it was awesome!! Here is a review of his book....great tips for cooking the tougher cuts, etc.


    I highly recommend. Great marinade recipes. Yes, there are potatoes, etc. in some of the recipes but, just leave 'em out =D


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    I'm on a student budget, and usually buy chuck steaks and roasts at $3/lb. Cook them in cast-iron with butter or suet, and they're plenty tender.

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