My journey began at 20 when I had my first son. I was always a little curvy but small. I am 5'2" and before I had my son weighed 119. I gained 50 pounds during that pregnancy and had to learn how to keep the weight off. I tried Atkins first and since I didn't really understand what a carb was back then this did not go well. I then tried Body For Life and this went extremely well and was my first education. Now another eight years and another son later I have become a personal trainer and am going to school for physical therapy. I have gotten down to low levels of bodyfat on a diet called Fighter Diet, but it was a mass amount of veggies, low fat, and weekly refeeds. I also gained too much muscle. I started trying to lose a little muscle and become smaller so I cut back on some of my heavy lifting and tried to eat less. I couldn't lose weight. I also started swelling alot and my glands started swelling all over my body. Needless to say though it seemed I was healthy I was not and now I am looking for health and a good bodycomposition, but I refuse to give up health to have it. In the last week I have given up artificial sweeteners, fat burners, energy drinks, and meticously keeping track of every macronutrient I consume!

I am beginning by keeping my carbs at 50, but not counting calories. I had my last refeed 7/1/11.

I weigh 119 right now, but was averaging 115-116 and I think once I can get this diet down will get back to okay numbers. My goal is 105-110 pounds which was where I was at last summer before my health started to decline.

Thanks for any feedback!