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Thread: Do Barefoot-esque Skid-Free Shoes Exist?

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    Do Barefoot-esque Skid-Free Shoes Exist?

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    I usually run around the house barefoot and wear sandals around town, but at my job (restaurant) I am required to wear skid-free shoes. I've looked around, but it doesn't seem like a skid-free shoe can co-exist with a shoe that emulates being barefoot due to the harder sole that may be required to have a skid-free bottom.

    The shoes have to look professional, but I still want them to be better than my skid-free shoes that I wear with orthotics. I really want to move away from orthotics, especially because they cause my feet to hurt after work and aren't in line with the PB.

    Has anyone else had this issue?

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    Would a trail shoe work? I'm thinking of the Merrell Barefoot Trail Glove.

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    The tough glove looks way more professional, since it's leather. Still not a dress shoe. I find mine slippery on wet tiles floors, but then what isn't?


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    Swim shoes are great, and could even accomodate your arch supports while you transition from them. I have a plain black pair with rubber-type soles.
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    It's possible that a trail shoe might work. I looked at those when I was looking around, but wasn't sure if they would have enough grab for the tile floors.

    @Digby: What type of swim shoes?

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    The Speedo water shoes that Target sells have a very sticky silicone (?) sole. Academy has water shoes for $5 (may vary by region) and I think they're available in solid black.

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    The new RunAmocs look pretty nice, though I'm not exactly sure that the sole is non-skid.

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    defintely buying a pair of the RunAmok Dash's next week.

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    Thanks for the suggestions! I'm looking into all of them. All of them seem like possibilities. I'll have to look up skid-free some more to see which ones qualify.

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    I work in a restaurant too. I would say don't be a pussy and get some red wings or something. paleo man didn't have to worry about stepping on a grease patch or whatever while running around during the dinner rush.

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